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I recognise that sometimes people live too far way from me or simply do not have enough time in their day to train their own dog to a very high standard.

People send pet dogs to me to train them to walk calmly on the lead, come back when called, not to chase game on country walks or for more specific obedience, agility or gundog training.

As such I have invested in a state of the art kennel system just to look after my clients dogs. They are enclosed on three sides, they have sneeze barriers between kennels, the floors are tiled and each dog has it's own separate sleeping box.

I live in an area surrounded by wide open fields and dirt tracks. I make a commitment to all the dogs in my care and their owners that not only will your dog get trained during each day but it will also be walked in a natural setting and if at all possible will be allowed the freedom to run around and enjoy life with some other friendly dogs.


As can be seen from my pictures and videos I have a rabbit pen to help teach dogs not to chase small animals. I have my own sheep to socialise your dog with sheep and I have my own swimming like for if your dog enjoys swimming or you need your dog training to retrieve from water.

If you take a look at the pictures above the totally enclosed kennels are for my clients dogs, the open kennels are for my own dogs. I have also made a short video below to try and show you how clean I keep my kennels and also how relaxed all the dogs are that are within my care.



Dog training for pets, puppies and gundogs. My kennels are conveniently located for Goole, Selby, Howden, Gilberdyke, Pocklington, York, Hull & Leeds