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It is fair to say that working gundogs are my first love in so far as dog training goes. I enjoy every aspect of training them, working them, and teaching other people to get the best from their gundogs.

My main breed is the English Springer Spaniel. But I have a very long and equally successful background with the working strain cocker.



I have owned and trained both labradors and terriers. I have also assisted in the training of and done residential training with several types of HPR breeds including Hungarian Vizsla's, German Wirehaired Pointers, English Pointers, Britanies and Weimaraners. In fact there are not many of the main gundog breeds I have not had a hand in training.

For the last few years the fact that I am a staunch supporter and participant in working field trials, as a result I was appointed as a gundog advisor to the committee of BASC (British Association of Shooting & Conservation).



When I am not picking up, beating or training, I run both group and private gundog training lessons. I am flexible and can assist in getting your dog ready for both working in the field, working tests and trials.

I have my own rabbit pen stocked with rabbits, hens and ducks. I also have my own small lake for teaching dogs to swim and retrieving from water.

I lease thousand of acres of land to train on and as such if your gundog comes to me for residential training, you can rest assured that it will have exposure to lots of scent and varied terrain.


As mentioned on the about me page, I have an extensive portfolio of field trial and working test awards with my dogs which stretches back years. I have represented England in working gundog tests and to once again list my achievments I have won over 42 Kennel Club Working Gundog Test Awards (Latest one to be presented at Crufts 2011). I have also won 32 Kennel Club Field Trial Awards with my dogs to date, with more to come.


I like to start all gundogs with the basics. Behaviours such as quartering, sit, sit/stay, recall & retrieve are a must, before progressing to hunting, swimming and fence jumping.

The speed at which your dog develops is really dependant on how many lessons you have, how much work you do between lessons or in the case of residential training how long I have your dog for.

I am fully aware that we live in tough times and I do believe that when people pay for something then they should expect to recieve first rate service.


Rest assured that when I have your dog for training then it is trained on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day and is not left languishing in a kennel.

If you would like further details of either my private, group or residential gundog training lessons then please either call or email me and together we will work out what will suit you and your dog the best.